Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun in Tucson

So, Team Thue took a journey a few weeks ago to visit the parents in Tucson. We'd never been before and had a great time. It started with a birthday celebration for me...cupcakes in all my favorite flavors--carrot cake, cheesecake, red velvet. This means that, yes, I did eat at least 3 cupcakes during the Olympics opening ceremony!!

We visited (and hiked down) Sabino Canyon...a two mile jaunt that crosses over creeks and is surrounded by saguaro cactus(es)(i)? We had a nice picnic on the way down and Abi enjoyed snacking and drinking out of sporty water bottles. :)

We also got to visit the Tucson Museum of art which was showing an Ansel Adams (amazing photographer!) exhibit. Loved it.
One evening I was treated to a massage and then James and I went out to a movie (for Valentine's Day). Talk about feeling pampered and relaxed... The next morning we said our farewells to the fam and the beautiful desert.

The new house backs up to the desert foothills. Thanks for a great visit! We love you and Tucson!

Happy Birthday Penny-Pie!!

Abi got to have a play-date today with her little friend, Penelope (Penny-Pie). The girls had lots of fun...lollipops, sliding and swinging in the back yard, coloring, building block towers, and lots of hugs. Penny is so affectionate and gentle with Abigail and always willing to lend a hand: "I'll catch Abi" at the bottom of the slide!

The play-date was followed up with a little family time at Chuck E. Cheese (Abi's first trip)! What a great way to end the day. Happy Birthday Penny!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Olympic Swimmer!

Abigail just completed her two week Daddy-and-me swim lessons! What a trooper! By the end, there were no more tears...just smiles and clapping for her classmates. Here are some photos from the last day (which included a diving board!!):

Class always started out with the kids choosing a dive ring to hang onto and do different activities with. These were their "ring fish".

The ring fish is on my head!

I'm learning with my instructor, Mr. Johnny.
Practicing my "big kicks" with Daddy.
Here I am swimming from Daddy to Mr. Johnny, my swim instructor. "Super Girl"!
10.0, right? Look at that form!
I officially graduated and received a certificate! Look how proud Dada is!

Here we are after class, Momma, Dada, and Mr. Johnny. I'm so proud of myself!
Here I am with Aunt Cat who came to see me swim and took many of these photos. Thanks, Aunt Cat!! Love you!

Visit from Mid-West Widder and Miller Families

Kelly, Abigail, Sam, and Liz

Kelly, Abi, James, Eric (in back), Jesse, Sam, Liz, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Trip
Abi hanging out with her Uncle Eric...buddies.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pirate Party

So, my friend Shana is the new party diva. She (and her family) did an amazing job on her daughter, Isabella's, 4th birthday party this last Saturday. There were pirates, kids were walking the plank, searching out treasure, and pulling heads off of pirate pinatas. Famtastic. I have to include a few photos to share the fun!

Captain Isabella led this motley crew through her birthday celebration!

Even pirates have to blow out candles on their birthday!

Captain Isa showing her mates how walkin' the plank be done.

Wait, pirates don't smile!

That's more like it, Abi!

Ok, so somewhere, there's a headless pirate running around. We won't name any names!

You can only be a pirate for so long before having to strip down and play in the fountain. It's hard work being a pirate!!

Thanks, Beyms for a great party. Happy birthday, Isabella. Four stand for FUN!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summertime Lounging

The three of us have been doing alot of relaxing this summer while James is off on summer vacation. Last Friday we went to the beach and had a great time lounging in the sand. Abi and I didn't brave the waves (the beach was blackballed), but James had a blast doing his pro body surfing :) Now, if only Abi could get used to sand!